Section 3 – Providing support and incentives to help you succeed

Section 3 – Providing support and incentives to help you succeed
When you organise any event there is always risk that issues outside your control will cause problems on the day. Weather can have a major affect on the numbers attending , and giving the event maximum publicity is key to attracting the largest numbers of visitors . To help alleviate some of these risks talk to us and we will —
Give your event maximum publicity on our web site
Help Provide details of the event for all interested parties ie contact and entry details, location, event format etc.
If the event is open to other area clubs and we are consulted then should the event loose money we can help reduce the loss with our club support fund. This fund is a sum of money that is put aside yearly to help member clubs develop and organise their own events. Very often the financial burden can derail many good initiatives so we try to help where we can. This fund has helped support many events over the past years and ensure that should these events fail to fully cover running costs then we can give some support until attendance improves again.
Our aim is to help increase activity within the Area so if your club  wants to promote an activity or organise any event that others may be interested in we want to ensure you have every chance of succeeding.