5. RC Paragliding

RC Paragliding

The world of paragliding has joined the RC model scene , flexible wings that can be rolled up into a bag but also used for slope soaring - powered gliding and scale trikes for take offs and landings on the runway . Hacker a well respected manufacture of all best modelling equipment now have a supplier in the UK to develop the interest and offer these new models to all interested pilots . Dan Burton is our local supplier and his web site will give you an idea of whats available in the ever increasing range of products manufactured by Hacker . Have a look at the videos and see what these models are capable off , aerobatics - thermaling - fun flying - all in a rhobust and easy to transport package ( could also be useful platforms for photography and videos -) . Controlled through realistic actions by the pilot their realism in the air is excellent - but most of all FUN ,FUN ,FUN a look